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The Mrigal carp (Cirrhinuscirrhosus,/ Cirrhinusmrigala), also known as the mrigal, is a species of ray-finned fish in the carp family. Native to streams and rivers in India, Mrigal is popular as a food fish and an important aqua cultured freshwater species throughout South Asia It reaches a maximum length of 1 m (3.3 ft).


Consuming Mrigal helps to promote the growth and development of body cells and tissues which support the smooth functioning of the biological activities such as increase the health of the cardiovascular system, boost the immunity system etc. The high vitamins and mineral content reduce the damage caused by free radicals and prevent cancer.


Mrigal fish is rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids which helps the overall activities of the body. Mrigal contains vitamins such as B12, D, A, etc. and minerals such as iron, zinc, selenium, Sodium, calcium and potassium, Manganese, Iodine etc.


In Kerala, Mrigal is mainly used to prepare fish molly, fish curry, fish fry etc.

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