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Oyster (ചിപ്പി)

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Oysters also known as Chippi in Malayalam, Seppe in Kannada, chippi in Tamil, is a Bivalves that are commercially important. Oysters are added into Human diet more than 700 years. Oysters are unusual and delicious molluscs that provide the human body with a number of unique nutrients and minerals, which subsequently result in some great health benefits. 13 edible species has been reported in India.


Oysters has been hailed for their health benefits ,these include the ability of oysters to aid weight loss attempts, boost metabolic activity, increase tissue repair and growth, lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, improve immune functions, aid in wound healing, and promote healthy growth. Furthermore, they are considered a powerful aphrodisiac (sexual stimulant), can improve blood circulation, and increase bone strength to reduce osteoporosis.


Oysters have a lot of other great qualities to offer. They deliver proteins, Omega fatty acids etc. They are rich in vitamins C and B12; and they’re loaded with zinc, selenium, iron, c calcium and Phosphorus.


Oysters are the important in seafood industries and it has been included in human diet over 7 centuries. Oysters are used in various ways grilled, baked, braised etc. but it is commonly consumed in raw form in western countries. In Kerala, it is used in similar to the mussels and clams used. Spicy oyster curry, oyster dry fry are the common dishes prepared by Oyster.


A small percentage of people have a strong allergy towards oysters and they should not consume this fish.

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